About Us

National Industrial Engravers is a relatively new business established in 2011 but we have more than 18 years experience laser engraving, making timber products and fine gift ware we not only provide engraving services we also supply materials such as uv treated plastics, tiantin tct router bits as well as rare earth magnets  we are striving to bring our customers the most cost affordable engraving service in Australia.

In addition to the great savings and materials we bring to our customers, we also take the time to work with you, to bring your ideas to fruition, you would be surprised to know that apart from general  plastic engraving and metal engraving we also can work with leather, fiberglass, denim, suede we also cut out components for model making such as planks, sails, cogs, wheels.

We also source product from other countries our latest acquisition is US made ZnSE lens for laser optics and high quality silicon mirrors suited for both Epilog & Gravograph lasers see our gallery page for pictures.